12 Tips for naming your business

Sometimes coming up with a good name makes all the difference for propelling your business to success.

Names are powerful because their words can align with your businesses characteristics, and if you nail the correct one it will make a big impact. You don’t need a guru to tell you this.

To help out, Here are 12 tips you can consider when coming up with a name:

  1. Great names are hard to come up with when you don’t have a clear picture of who you are as a business. Make sure you have a clear business strategy before you start naming your business. It really helps you focus on what matters, who you are, what you are offering and who its for.
  2. Your name needs to sound good when it’s said out loud. Yes, it sounds crazy but saying out loud is important to hear how it feels. People will need to say the name on the radio, a video or in a conversation.
  3. Think about the future. You need your name to last. We sometime name our business that is only relevant to is time and current market trends.
  4. Make sure your name is simple to read, say and spell. If you are planning to do business overseas, take in consideration how they would read it and understand it. (you don’t want to sound rude or funny in their language).
  5. It would be great if the name has a meaning and conveys a benefit. Make sure the name isn’t too general or try to be everything.
  6. Avoid the webish names, such as misspelt letters. If you are doing this, this means there are the same names out there and you are fixated on them cause they are cool. In the end people who search for you will get results of the original name and not yours unless you have a decent google budget to overwhelm it.
  7. Initials are great but nobody knows you yet. The big companies with initials managed to be successful because competition then was low. Keep your name interesting and memorable. Once you are a big name then you can use initials.
  8. If it suites your type of business, try and be specific in your naming. To understand what specific means here is an example. Im a car rental agency that offers cheap rentals. therefore my name could be Cheap Car Rentals. This outlines your services and targets the correct audience.
  9. If you cannot be specific you can try associating your name with a theme or a concept. There are many examples out there such as Lemonade Insurance, Green bags, Crocodile and so on.
  10. Make sure you can get a domain name with your name. See if your name is available on domain websites such as godaddy.com . Most companies neglect to check this and end up with a silly domain or have to compromise with dashes or shortened names. Users and customers will get a better experience when your domain is your name.
  11. A great way to test your name is to get feedback from friends. Let them score you names and listen to their opinion. One may surprise you with a great name.
  12. After coming up with loads of names and have concluded to the one, it is important that you get your name registered. Make sure you have a backup cause your favourite may be rejected.


Eventually, we all come up with a great name for our business or product. Try not to rush this. Your name will be the one thing that will be carried on in time.
Everything else will change as the market evolves.

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