Graphic Design Trends will see coming to Cyprus from 2023


Just over the last few of years we’ve seen that design globally has taken a colourful direction with more character in typography. We believe this is due to the digital age that kicked off well in 2012, the spark for accessibility, online self service, mobile apps and other digital services have carved the path to […]

Branding in 2021: Reality Check

best of 2021 cover

If 2020 was extremely diverse in terms of thought leadership, 2021 has been even more…wild. This year’s round-up of the best on Brandingmag is provoking, to say the least. First of all, we’ve started a podcast. Not because we wanted in on the ‘audio action’; but because we genuinely thought there was room for better. […]

Fintech Brand Revolut Hires W+K London as It Continues Its International Marketing Growth

revolut 2022.jpg

Fin-tech brand Revolut has hired Wieden+Kennedy London to support its global growth ambitions under its new marketing leadership, which it is continuing to grow. The British financial brand told Adweek about its international aspirations and marketing shake-up last March after being valued at $5.5 billion, and revealed its plans to introduce new roles following the […]

6 Questions That Will Shape the Year in News Media

question shape news media 2022.jpg 2

No one has been sure of anything since 2019. That uncertainty looks to continue into the new year as publishers prepare to navigate a host of unpredictable variables, from the state of the economy to when in-person events can return. Some of these unknowns stem from technological advances, while others are rooted in the shifting […]

This Agency’s Anti-Vaccine Message Is a Public Health Plea in Disguise

boone oakley dont get vaccinated 2021.jpg

BooneOakley posed as a fake funeral home to draw attention to Covid-19 death rates On Sunday, North Carolina-based agency BooneOakley offered an off-beat message to tailgating football fans at the Saints vs. Panthers game in downtown Charlotte, N.C.: don’t get vaccinated. The agency posed as a fake business—Wilmore Funeral Home—to shock residents with a sobering […]

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