Graphic Design Trends will see coming to Cyprus from 2023

Just over the last few of years we’ve seen that design globally has taken a colourful direction with more character in typography.

We believe this is due to the digital age that kicked off well in 2012, the spark for accessibility, online self service, mobile apps and other digital services have carved the path to this change. Apart form being colorful, we have noticed that the designs have been minimal with strong typography or radical tech lines with many effects or 3d objects. Have the rules of design changed? Are there no rules? or do people just prefer information delivered simpler in steps? Either way, a bit of colour and funky typography won’t hurt. Check out the branding of Art Square or Octapos for an example of what to expect.


artsqr branding hoarding02
artsqr residences branding


octapos payment systems

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