Simple Definition of Brand Positioning


If you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard about the concept of brand positioning. But if you feel like this concept remains too abstract and unclear, then this article is for you!


Brand positioning – a simple definition:

Brand positioning has been defined by Kotler as “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”.

In other words, brand positioning describes how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in customers’ minds. A brand positioning strategy, therefore, involves creating brand associations in customers’ minds to make them perceive the brand in a specific way.

Why is brand positioning important?

By shaping consumer preferences, brand positioning strategies are directly linked to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity, and the willingness to purchase the brand. Effective brand positioning can be referred as the extent to which a brand is perceived as favorable, different and credible in consumers’ minds.

How to find a powerful brand positioning (3 simple steps)?

Step 1: In order to create a unique and successful positioning for your brand, you need to analyze the following:

  1. Understand what your consumers want
  2. Understand what your company’s and brand capabilities are
  3. Understand how each competitor is positioning their brand

Step 2: Once you’ve done that, you will need to choose a positioning statement that:

  1. Will resonate with your consumers
  2. Can be delivered by your company (capabilities)
  3. That is different from your competitors
  4. An easy way to define a brand positioning statement is to summarize it in three words. For example, “vegan, traditional & feminine”. Try not to choose generic words such as “quality-products, unique, successful” because this is the aim of every brand.

Step 3: The remaining challenge is to then reflect this brand positioning in everything that you do (brand personality, packaging design, product, service, visual identity design, communications, etc).


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